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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Subdomain NASA Hacked By Prosox

Berita-Internetku - "Subdomain NASA Hacked By Prosox".
Kasus peretasan terjadi lagi, kali ini menimpa sebuah organisasi atau lembaga resmi milik Amerika Serikat yaitu National Aeronautics and Space Administration atau biasa disebut NASA. Hacker dengan codename Prosox meretas salah satu subdomain NASA yang beralamatkan

Berikut ini pesan yang ditinggalkan pelaku :

Hacked By Prosox

Hello there, I am Prosox.
I've been tired of folks acting on my back, judging my skills according to my appearance, those people can squeal it: "Prosox is defacing, he is a script kiddie".
However, those people are really sad persons, and I would not surprised they all end up with a banana thrown in their anus
If for you, real hackers and security researchers are Troy Hunt the "web security expert" (who probably years ago was still an SQL injection skid)
and people who think are allowed to despise and put a stick on a young person, only for what they appears to be, seems really dumb.
Indeed, the mutual respect between each other in the security community is really shameful nowadays...
I have nothing to proove, I can admit defacing is childish to some extent, but keep talking, with your heap overflow and return to libc
shellcode building articles, you never broke something. You can't claim you're skilled, I really can't understand such injustice towards me...

This Hack : Once again a small hole in a system containing terabytes of code, or seriously something ? I compromised a whole NASA server, whereas a lot of niggers failed to achieve this, all they found is at best an SQL injection.
I do have experience reviewing PHP codes seeking for flaws, this hack was, in my opinion, clean, because it took me time to find the hole in their known "CMS" only by reviewing the open source code.
Once again, keep jusging, however, and especially Storm MA, of the "Gravity" Groups, you're not allowed to judge me on my back, despite my help and my kindness towards you.
You have no skills, you have always been jealous, it probably justifies you manipulating Akuma, my friend, to make him sneaky towards me.
I helped him, had nothing against him, but you are a coward and a scum.
Prosox, I, is better than all of you and don't give a single fuck concerning your cases.... Sorry for the grammar errors, I used google translate as my english is not certified famous.
Special Thanks : all friends :) Special fuck : all lamer of skype
Fuck haters :)

Saat berita ini dirilis situs tidak bisa dibuka, tapi kalian bisa lihat mirror nya disini :

Sekian dulu berita hari ini, semoga bermanfaat dan terimakasih sudah berkunjung. (27/09/2017 05:05)

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